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School Uniform Policy


School uniform is required throughout the school, apart from in the Nursery Class.  We ask that children wear a red jumper or cardigan, a white polo shirt and a navy blue dress, skirt or trousers.  During the warmer months, children may wear a red and white gingham dress. Children do not have to wear uniform with the school logo on. 

We have a huge second hand uniform shop which is run by the Friends of Loughton Manor First School and can be easily accessed throughout the day. You can ask staff at the main reception for access to this and can look through the stock in your own time.  Alternatively, if you are unable to get into school, you can email the school office to request items on . All items cost £1.  Not only is this a great way to save money but it also enables us to recycle and reuse clothes that have been grown out of which are still in excellent condition. Mostly, children grow out of clothes rather than wear them out, and we encourage the donation of any items of school uniform that are clean and in good condition. We are keen to promote being eco-conscious as well as economical!

If you would like to order uniform with logos, please use this website:

PE Kit


We do not have a prescribed PE kit for Foundation Stage pupils, just something practical and comfortable is fine.  They will need to bring this into school in a named PE Bag.

In Year One and Two, we ask children to come into school wearing their PE kit on their PE days.  They will need to wear a white polo shirt with navy hoodie and navy tracksuit bottoms or navy shorts.

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