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Foundation Stage Curriculum

In our Foundation Stage Unit for reception (FS2) and nursery (FS1) aged pupils, teaching and learning covers the following areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum:


Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language Development

Physical Development


Specific Areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

These areas of learning encompass aspects of all those ‘subjects’ in later phases of education. Teachers and teaching assistants work as a team of Foundation Stage Practitioners and skillfully link learning intentions based upon themes and following children’s interests. There is a strong emphasis on active play based learning. Most important is the fostering of enjoyment of, and enthusiasm for, learning. Click here to find out more about our EYFS curriculum. 


In the Foundation Stage phonics is taught using Monster Phonics. Please see our phonics page for more information. 


For all our pupils the development of social and emotional skills that support children in being confident, independent and collaborative learners is paramount. In a nutshell - a happy child will be an effective learner.

Find out more about our curriculum by clicking on the links below, and see subjects mapped across the year by year group here: Our Curriculum 

Foundation Stage Curricular Goals

Autumn Term Key Skills

Autumn - All About Me

Autumn - Family Celebrations

Spring Term Key Skills

Spring - Adventures

Spring - Going Wild!

Summer Term Key Skills

Summer - On the Move

Summer - In the Garden

If you require any more information about our curriculum or have any questions please contact individual year groups.

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